Alice's Table

To get her business off the ground, the owner of Alice’s Table asked us to design and build a full marketing and e-commerce site plus a companion web app.

Since launching the site, Alice’s Table has received offers to open pop-up shops, partner with national retailers like Jonathan Adler and Shake Shack, present on tv, speak at events, and join acclaimed tech incubator TechStars.

Look & Feel

From our discovery session and subsequent research, we explored three design directions: sophisticated and effortless, airy and joyful, and bold, colorful, and fun.

We walked through each element with Alice, explaining how type treatments, color choices, and tone of voice would affect how customers would perceive her and her business — and decide whether or not to participate.

Moodboard one was the clear winner, conveying a quiet, luxurious ease that Alice wanted her brand to embody.

Brand Voice

Along with recommendations and detailed guidelines, we developed brand language for the entire website that also served as a sample for other marketing materials. Alice’s voice — joyful, friendly, and welcoming — comes through in every piece of content, from event descriptions and employee bios to the name of the blog and the company’s mission statement.


To achieve a more refined look and work better at smaller scales, we made some slight modifications to the Alice’s Table logo, like adjusting the line weights to better match each other and giving the type more breathing room inside the circle.




With a number of different data points surrounding products, events, blog posts, host profiles, welcome kits, instructions, and more, we knew we’d need more than one typeface to help separate all that information.

We paired Proxima Nova, a clean, geometric sans serif, with Utopia, a gorgeous, Transitional-style serif with modern details, to create a sophisticated yet approachable look and feel, then created cohesion by developing guidelines on how each face should be used in the design.

AT Green










Color Palette

Working with her pre-established brand color, Pantone 381U, we developed a soft, fresh, minimal color palette to coordinate with it and complement the beautiful flower photos across the site.

Art Direction

As a visually-oriented business, it was important that photography be the centerpiece of the experience. Bright, airy product photos with minimal backgrounds and lots of white space keep all eyes on the flowers themselves. Lively, colorful, dynamic images of event hosts, attendees, and bartenders inject a joyful energy into brand materials.


We helped Alice streamline not just her website content, but her business model as well, settling on a subscription delivery service supported by a series of local, hosted events.

Customers can order one of four types of flower arrangements, select how frequently they’d like to receive them, and checkout with just a few clicks. They can also search for nearby events and book tickets directly through the site.

A robust blog supports the lifestyle aspect of the business, offering flower care tips, cocktail recipes, company news, and more.

Events App

After a successful year in business, the owner of Alice’s Table called us back to design and build a web app for her flourishing events business. Meant to serve as mission control for both upcoming and completed events, the site also houses training materials for new employees, as well as a flower knowledge database, how-to videos, marketing and legal resources, a blog, and a supply shop.

Marketing flyers are custom generated as new events are entered into the system and pre-event order forms are auto-populated with data from across the site to make management as painless as possible.

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