Grove Labs

After a successful Kickstarter campaign a year earlier, Grove needed help transitioning from scrappy startup to high-end product company.

We worked with their talented team to rename their flagship product, The Garden, reorganize their website from the ground up, streamline their e-commerce system, and create a whole new look and feel — including redrawing their logo — to appeal to the right customer base and increase sales.

The new design is much more fitting of their product — an ingenious, beautifully designed indoor garden, handmade in Massachusetts from sustainable materials.

Look & Feel

We explored three different design directions based on our research and findings: Pure & Simple, Natural & Wholesome, and Fresh & Vibrant.

Together with the project stakeholders, we discussed which elements conveyed the right tone and what messaging might appeal most to their target audience.

The simple, primary color palette and sleek typeface from board one combined with a few bright pops of color from board three struck just the right balance of straightforward yet friendly.

Brand Voice

Having landed on the theme of “pure and simple,” we extended the concept from product naming, top-level messaging, and instructions to marketing campaigns and visual design.

We crafted a refined yet approachable brand voice for Grove that reflected this core principle with short, catchy headlines focused on the product and messages of support and encouragement sprinkled throughout the site. An editorial element in the Market, Grove’s own seed and supply shop, let’s the team’s expertise — and helpfulness — take center stage.

logo options


Midway through the project, we were asked to rework Grove’s existing logo to coordinate more closely with the new look and feel of the site.

Not wanting to stray too far from the original concept of a leaf housed in a container, we carefully redrew the mark, simplifying it to its most minimal form and making sure it would hold up in every conceivable context — etched into the side of the product, on packaging, stitched onto t-shirts, as a social media avatar, and as an app icon, to name a few.


We chose a typeface called Scandia, a streamlined, geometric sans serif with a few quirky characters, to match the minimal design of Grove’s flagship product without losing the company’s personality. It’s impactful as a display face while still being legible as body copy and complements the line work of the new logo beautifully.









Color Palette

We stripped the color palette back to black, white, and pale neutrals to let the beautiful greenery from the product photos stand out. A bright orange — a tie over from Grove’s original palette — is used sparingly to highlight important calls to action.

Art Direction

Brand and product photos adhere strictly to the brand color palette, down to the clothes the models are wearing and the artwork hanging on the walls. Product shots always incorporate people to demonstrate scale and context, helping potential customers visualize themselves using the product in their own home.


As part of our discovery process, we learned that a lot of the Grove team was spending their time answering the same questions over and over, despite the fact the information was on the website — somewhere.

We unearthed this valuable content and promoted it to the top level of the website, sorted into two sections: Community and Support. This created an obvious space for customers to not only self-serve but to share their own advice on maintaining their gardens, growing specific plants, and keeping their fish happy while they’re on vacation.


Grove doesn’t just make a premium piece of furniture, they also curate a market with items like seed packets, fish food, and test kits specifically for the Garden. With different specifications, delivery times and methods — even different payment methods, we pulled everything into one unified system with a cohesive checkout experience.

On the back-end, management couldn’t be simpler. Built right into Craft CMS, CraftCommerce houses all inventory, product data, shipping and billing info, and customer communications. Credit card processing is handled seamlessly with Stripe.

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