Lufina Wovens

We created a simple, sophisticated identity system for Lufina Wovens that captures the essence of the high-end products they carry.

Lufina Wovens curates the most luxurious blankets, pillows, and throws handcrafted by the finest textile artisans in the world. To get them off the ground, we developed a stylish brand package including a logo, social media avatars, stationery system, and packaging concepts.


A simple, modern wordmark and seal give Lufina Wovens the flexiblity to emphasize their own aesthetic or take a step back when featuring the products they carry. We chose a classic serif for the main identity to balance the company’s “simply luxurious” attitude with the warmth of home.


Soft but stylized, transitional serif typeface Marion works superbly set in all caps with lots of letterspacing. Combined with Univers, a neutral, timeless san serif for supporting content, the overall look is modern and refined.

Black Sheep




Stone Wall




Color Palette

Inspired by the rolling fields of the British midlands and the ragged Norwegian coastline, we created a cozy, soothing color palette of warm neutrals to suggest simple elegance.

Stationery & Packaging

To show how the brand would roll out to different forms of media, we completed the design system with shopping bags, receipts, calling cards, and product tags. We applied either seal or logotype depending on space constraints, with minimal graphic elements and plenty of whitespace. Techniques like letterpress and blind debossing add a sophisticated finishing touch.

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