Science on Screen

We created a unique visual identity system for Coolidge Corner Theatre's popular Science on Screen film series as they expanded the program across the country.

After years of running their very popular Science on Screen film series, the Coolidge Corner Theatre, in partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, began offering grants to theaters around the country to produce their own science-based programming.

We designed a unique identity and visual language for the program to create consistency amongst the participating theaters, then developed a detailed brand guideline document to assist them in creating their own promotional materials.


To convey the accessibility of Science on Screen to everyone, we created a strong, simple, instantly recognizable mark inspired by the surprising and delightful overlap of science and cinema. A film fanatic will surely recognize the familiar proportion of a movie screen while a scientist may see a specimen under a microscope.

Those familiar with the program may interpret a spotlight on a speaker, but all will quickly associate the logo with the fantastic experience of the program itself.

The logo is designed to be extremely durable and adaptive with three lockups that can be used at the designer’s discretion depending on the requirements of the communication. It can be applied gracefully in any context from small, one-color print advertisements to full color projections on the big screen.


With a limited budget for fonts, we selected Google Fonts’ Roboto in three weights for its “sciency” feel — slightly condensed, squared-off forms that work well large or small. Extra large headlines bring a fun and unexpected element to the program’s communications.

Black Hole


Neon Aqua


Vibrant Teal




Color Palette

A bright, vibrant color palette energizes and unifies brand materials. Communications use one signature color for headlines and highlights — Neon Aqua on screen, Lemon Yellow in print — with a secondary palette of grays for text, background fills, rule lines, and other graphic elements.


Built on Craft CMS, the site houses the entire film catalogue and program archive from the series’ entire history as well as grant application guidelines, downloadable materials for grant recipients, and upcoming events.

Film buffs, science aficionados, and grant recipients conducting research on their own programming can sort through a curated database of films that have been (or have been approved to be) used for Science on Screen presentations. A separate section highlights all past programs going back to 2011, complete with videos and synopses of the talks.

Brand Guidelines

A detailed brand guidelines document assists Coolidge staff members as well as theaters who’ve received grants in creating their own promotional materials. It covers everything from logo usage and graphic elements to appropriate type sizes and grid-based compositions.

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