We worked with the creator of Shubox to update its look and feel, define a brand voice, and better communicate what it does and who it's for.

A radical departure from the standard look and feel of software services for app developers, we sought to bring a warm, friendly personality to the Shubox experience.

We also knew we wanted to mirror the personality traits of Shubox's founder — smart, helpful, jovial, and friendly — in the new design so we integrated a bright, warm color palette, chunky illustrations, and an approachable tone of voice.

Look & Feel

We explored two very different design directions for Shubox — a bright, sunny, illustrative option that stood out from the competition and a cooler, more subdued and professional one that would be more in line with customer's expectations of a SaaS product.

Collectively we decided that option one was the way to go — approachable, cheery, and helpful.


We kept the brand's previously established typeface, Sofia Pro, because its playful, quirky nature felt just right with the look we were going for. Upgrading it to a heavier weight helps it better coordinate with the illustration style and overall personality of the brand.

Details like well-designed ligatures, considered kerning, and tabular figures elevate it to a professional level.



Dark Gray


Dark Purple




Pale Purple




Color Palette

We chose a bright, cheery color palette anchored by shades of purple with bright orange-red highlights and warm gray accents to inject some playfulness into a field dominated by blue, black, and gray.


Wanting to coordinate with the style of the original Shubox logo, we made a few tweaks to the line weight, then drew a new set of icons to use across the site — to illustrate product features, pricing plans, blog posts, instructions, and more.


We created a focused landing page to promote the app, highlighting its most important features and moving supporting materials, like docs, demos, and the blog, to their own sections.

Simplified pricing plans help potential customers figure out exactly what they need — fast.

App Design

An uncluttered interface and friendly onboarding messages help users navigate around the app efficiently, ensuring they don't create more work for themselves by doing things out of order. Notes throughout the interface offer relevant advice and information.

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