02 — Process

Making design work that consistently stands out from the crowd doesn’t happen by chance.

The way we think about and deliver design is truly different — and better — than the industry standard. Our process allows us to work in context and incorporate our clients into our team to add their expertise and offer feedback regularly.



As designers, our job is to understand problems and create appropriate solutions that quickly and clearly communicate.

To do this, we immerse ourselves in your brand to uncover what’s at the heart of your organization. Our findings lay the foundation for the rest of the project.



Our content-first approach is rooted in the multi-platform nature of the web. Once we’ve developed a solid understanding of your content requirements, we’ll work together to determine how best to structure the site to make the user experience as intuitive as possible. We’ll build out a sitemap and architecture directly in code to understand our decisions in context.



Moodboards allow us to explore potential visual directions for the project and quickly determine exactly what feels unique to and right for your brand.

We’ll translate the selected direction to a cohesive visual language for the site right in the browser, creating the opportunity for rapid iteration informed by context.



When everyone on the team is satisfied with the design and functionality, we’ll integrate our work with a content management system or an existing back-end so you have complete control over your site. Whether we’re building with React or Rails, we’ll make sure that our design is implemented flawlessly.