The Stanton Foundation

We designed an ultra simple, Bauhaus-inspired interface for The Stanton Foundation, pulling content from their various properties into one cohesive, branded site.

Recently, the Foundation reengaged us to design and build a microsite to house all of the data they’ve collected on dog parks, one of their mission areas. We created a visually rich, infographic-filled resource for municipal officials to reference when researching and building their own park.


Wanting to coordinate with the logotype, we chose Gotham for both print and digital materials. Its clean, simple forms reflected the aesthetic the Foundation wanted to exhibit and worked especially well for data visualization.

We used a range of sizes, weights, and proportions to extend the visual system to other materials.

Dark Gray


Warm Gray


Cool Gray








Color Palette

As the charitable organization of former CBS president, Dr. Frank Stanton, the Foundation's administration felt it was important to reflect Dr. Stanton's personal tastes.

We translated his love for primary colors and gray tones to a simple, analogous color palette suitable for both a web interface as well as printed pieces.


Visitors to the Foundation's site are looking for content in a specific grant-giving area. To get them to the information they need as quickly and easily as possible, we segmented the home page into three distinct, color-coded sections: Canine Welfare, Nuclear Security, and First Amendment Rights.

Having virtually no imagery to work with, we used typographic hierarchy and simple graphic elements to organize information and create visual interest.

Dog Park Guide

When the Foundation came back to ask us to build a new micro-site housing all the data their staff had collected on dog parks, one of their mission areas, we proposed a highly visual, interactive catalogue.

Data entered once in the content management system controls a host of content across the site, including charts, graphs, filters, and calculations — like how many parks have dogs-only water fountains.

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