The Ashlar Hotel

A mysterious mark for a brand new boutique hotel.

An area property developer approached us to design a logo for a new boutique hotel to be housed in a former freemason’s lodge. Inspired by the idea of a secret society being opened to the public as well as the shady history of this specific property, we created a mark that suggests that some words or names have been hidden, leaving only the name of the hotel unredacted.

The irregular blocks also hint at stonework, particularly the perfect geometric cut the hotel takes its name from.


FoxRock Properties


  • identity design

In addition, we created a supplementary seal for the hotel, like that of a Mason’s guild, that could be redacted outside the hotel then fully revealed inside.

The logo can expand or contract to fit a particular space, add or drop components of its name as necessary, or be treated without blocks. It can also be “stretched” to fit into wide, horizontal spaces like on a website, banner, or over an entryway.

Guests are treated to the unredacted seal once they’re “in.”